We are not your traditional nail shop or beauty salon.  Panache is made up of a small group of beauty specialist.  Working together with the same goal in mind.  "To provide high quality treatments with affordable cost". Treatments are inspired by EUROPEAN techniques to create a luxury experience.

So here at Panache I hope you find a touch of English class combined with American hospitality for a relaxed and professional experience".

As part of the team we have:
  • Nail Specialists
  • Holistic Facialist
  • Eyelash Extension Stylist
  • Senior Hair Stylist
  • Full Specialist
  • Massage Therapist (MA 78419)

We opperate by appointments to avoid disapointment. So please feel free to schedule in advance.  We are a crulty free shop.  Often making our own natural products with essential oils where possible.  Our focus is on being crulty free, organic where possible, unique, hygenic and relaxing.

MONAT - Our patent-pending age-prevention formula of ingredients seep hair with incredible moisture, reducing dry and brittle texture to deliver new life and hydration to every strand. MONAT features powerful active botanicals and bio-functional catalase that serve as UV protectors and prevent thinning, free radical neutralizers that keep hair looking and feeling naturally healthy, and an exclusive blend of vitamins and minerals to combat oxidative stress along with proactive amino acids that repair and replace essential nutrients. You’ll see and feel the difference in an instant, and with regular use, you’ll discover a brilliant, youthful glow to your hair, along with long-lasting conditioning results.

Products used @ Panache Beauty

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